IKEA® Ordering

Will you still make a rush IKEA® order?

Even though we are no longer able to facilitate regular IKEA® orders we would be glad to schedule a rush delivery. Our rush delivery fee starts at $450 and you will receive a dedicated truck with same day turnaround on delivery.  Please inquire with us by email or phone if you wish to schedule a rush delivery.  hello@charlestonxpress.com or 843.471.0663

Do you still assemble?

We are still more than happy to handle and facilitate assembly on any IKEA project. For a fast quote please send your list of items and preferred date of install to hello@charlestonxpress.com.

What if I need to make a return?

We can no longer facilitate returns to the IKEA® store.  We apologize for any inconvenience but each individual customer must now perform their own returns due to a recent rate and policy change.


How should my packages be labeled?

Please make sure all packages are labeled with your Firm Name and/or Project Name. Please include as much info on the label as necessary. See the below example:

**Designer / Firm Name**
**Project Name — If Applicable**
218 Howle Ave
Charleston, SC 29412

Please use 843.471.0663 as the contact number for freight and delivery purposes.

What are receiving hours?

Our receiving hours are Monday thru Friday – 9am to 3pm.  These hours are firm so that it allows our warehouse staff ample time to inspect packages and check them into the system before closing out the day. If special arrangements need to be made please let us know 24 hours in advance.

How do you handle damaged freight?

When we receive freight we perform a full visual inspection of the packaging. If there is obvious damage we report it to our client, the origin sender and the freight company immediately.  If a freight item is damaged beyond all possible repair we will refuse it and return to shipper.  If you are worried about concealed damage we can perform a full interior inspection at clients request.